Company founded in 1982 by Denis OLIVIERI

o Specialised in animation production:
series and commercials.
o Development, pre and post production in Paris,
animation production in Shanghai.

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Denis Olivieri was born in Rabbat(Morocco) in 1956.He spent his youth in Marseille where he attented art school. He then left for Paris and the animation department of CFT Gobelins. In 1982 he made a dream come true and set up his own company: Les Cartooneurs Associés.
He's both a film director and executive producer of commercials and TV series. He is an ardent advocate of the syndicate of animated film producers (SPFA) of wich is currently Vice President and Founder. Denis Olivieri now produces his own programmes. He begun In 1997 with "Pip the appleseed knight", he then made "Mummy Nany" and "Martin Morning". He co-writes the series with Claude Prothée.