Zelly loves reading – she adores reading!
And every evening it’s the same thing…

Her bedroom is bathed in soft light, the floor is scattered with toys, and her shelves are overflowing with picture books of every kind…

…on her bedside table is a little lamp in the form of a merry-go-round, where ChikKY the train, NikKY the plane and RuDY the fire truck turn round and round in a little circle of light…

Zelly is tucked up in bed reading a picture book, with her toys Jules the rat and Marcel the cat peeking out of the covers by her side!

Soon her Mom tells her it’s time to sleep, and the little girl puts aside the book and says goodnight to her toys. And when Zelly falls asleep, we are transported into the world of the picture book, accompanied by Marcel, Jules, Chikky, Nikky and Rudy.
And so begin…

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…the extraordinary and comical adventures of

52 x 13 minute episodes

The aims and intentions of the series

ZELLY & the KYKYDYs, first and foremost a joyful, funny and optimistic series for young children, is also a voyage of discovery.
Our heroes are going explore the world in all its diversity and variety, while learning how to face challenges and overcome difficulties by helping each other.

The series is designed for 4-8 year-olds. Younger children will be enchanted and fascinated by the merry-go-round characters NikKY, ChikKY and RuDY, while older kids will be amused and entertained by the adventures and discoveries of the daring Zelly and her pals Jules the rat and Marcel the cat.

Zelly is an adventurous little girl, the ‘ringleader’ of the group, while Jules and Marcel are rivals for Zelly’s attention, and are always playing tricks on each other – so they often both end up looking like clowns! Zelly has an incredible talent for leading the group into mad adventures, usually beginning from her great generosity or from her insatiable curiosity…
Each episode begins in the same way: our six friends find themselves projected into the world of the book Zelly was reading before she fell asleep, and they begin playfully exploring this new universe… often with Zelly, Marcel and Jules each driving (or piloting) one of the Kykydy. Their explorations inevitably lead to meeting someone who introduces them to the problem of the day and the challenge to be faced…
The variety of different worlds to be discovered throughout the episodes are as diverse and colorful as the books and stories to be found in a child’s bedroom.
Zelly & the KYKYDYs aims to expand the horizons of the young television-viewer by providing new knowledge about a variety of subjects, and at the same time to show the value of universal feelings like friendship, generosity and mutual-help.
Zelly encourages kids to read and discover new worlds.

Some examples of possible worlds to be explored, and what could be learnt from each:

The “fire-war”
Our friends find themselves transported into the stone age, into the middle of a quarrel between two tribes, one of whom has decided to steal the fire from the other. Zelly manages to convince one of the little warriors who has run off with the fire to share it between the two tribes. Alas, a horde of wild beasts unexpectedly bursts in among them, and the fire falls into the waters of the lake… Luckily Zelly remembers having once read somewhere how to make fire. Marcel and Jules of course manage to burn their fingers, but finally the flames spring up! The two tribes, who have been waiting expectantly together are very happy: not only have they learnt to make fire, but they’ve also been able to appreciate the value of sharing knowledge…

High Technology !
During a joyful escapade in the sand, our heroes meet a little Egyptian scribe who’s very upset: his job of building the temple is running very late, because of the intrigues between his boss the architect and the High Priest. Zelly wants to help the little scribe, of course, but unfortunately she and her friends provoke the High Priest’s anger… Meanwhile, Nikky, Chikky and Rudy team up to push the huge stone blocks into place, raise obelisks and generally do everything to ensure the construction is finished on time – leaving the High Priest speechless! And by way of thanks, the scribe explains to his new friends the secrets of the pyramids, the Sphinx and the hieroglyphs… and finally, Chikky the train gets to ride in the Pharaoh’s procession!

The Tyrannosaurus rex with velvet paws
Our heroes find themselves transported into the gallery of evolution in the Natural History Museum, at night. While playing around, they frighten a kitten who runs in front of them through a mysterious secret door… leading directly to Cretace, land of the dinosaurs! Zelly decides they can’t let the little kitten wander around in such a dangerous land by itself, so they set off after it… They are amazed by the incredible plant life, and terrifying animal life that surrounds them! They save the kitten from the claws of a tyrannosaurus rex by surprising it with a low-flying maneuver of Nikky the plane, who flies right under the dinosaur’s nose before collecting the kitty from the top of a giant fern! When they get back to the great hall of evolution in the museum, our heroes study the amazing skeletons of the animals they had met a few moments before….

Baba and the magic slippers
Delicate, fine-cut walls and high minarets: no doubt about it, our heroes are at the gates of a grand city from the stories of A Thousand and One Nights! They have hardly passed the gates when they discover a funny little man hiding in a jar. He is Baba the shoemaker, and he tells them his strange story: one day, to reward him for his excellent work, a genie appeared to him and gave him a pair of magic slippers. Whenever he wore these slippers, the little shoemaker could transport himself wherever he wished. His first wish was to see the princess in her royal palace, because everyone praised her astonishing beauty. But when he found himself before her, he was so overcome by her radiant beauty that he ran away, leaving one of the slippers behind him! Attempting to hide in the palace, he surprised the Grand Vizier and the Captain of the guards plotting to overthrow the Caliph. Baba escaped, but soldiers are looking for him everywhere now – which is why he was hiding in a jar… Unafraid, the Zelly decides they must go and warn the Caliph, and recover the missing slipper. During their journey and tribulations through the bazaar and into the heart of the magnificent royal palace, our heroes will discover one thousand and one wonders and marvels that they had never even dreamt of… and perhaps even give a helping hand to the future wedding between a beautiful princess and a funny little shoemaker?

Abdou goes to school
While playing hide-and-seek in the depths of the forest, our heroes discover a little boy dozing on the banks of the great river Lipopo. When he wakes up he shows them his school bag and his broken canoe, and explains what has happened: that morning he set off for school in his boat, but the great river, swollen by the rain became angry and dragged him and his little boat far, far away from his home. Zelly and her little band decide to accompany Abdou up the river, and it’s a great opportunity to discover a forest full of dangers and adventures, and even to find some lost villages… and they also meet other lost children on the way… soon our friends are accompanying a whole troop of lost girls and boys all the way to their school gates!

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